Wood Flooring

Kronoswiss Flooring collection is a mix of carefully designed floors by renowned international Architects. Wood grains in our flooring selection are in complete harmony with the color and surface texture. Our range consists of AC3/Cl.31 to AC5/Cl.32 laminate floors, surpassing ordinary imports when it comes to performance in tough weather and usage environments in Pakistan. We incorporate new flooring decors to our stocks regularly. We keep up to date with the latest flooring trends in Pakistan so your interiors can be personalized with the unique touch of class you deserve.

Only FSC certified wood is used to develop top grade high density floor boards under strict regulations of EPLF. Powered by our patent Click2Click and 5G locking systems, Kronoswiss wood floors provide a hassle free installation with exemplary joint performance.

Kronoswiss is the only laminate wooden flooring in Pakistan that carries a Swiss Quality label. A warranty of up to 35 years underlines the Swiss Quality promise that Kronoswiss delivers under your feet.

Toilet Cubicles

Toilet Cubicles – Korangi Inustrial Area, Karachi – Pakistan

SwissCDF is the future of fiberboards. The strength of SwissCDF board is achieved with compression of wood fibers at a density of over 1000KG per cubic meters. It revolutionizes the use of wood fiber boards in all interior applications due to high resistance against moisture. Over 500 decors in wood, stone, metallic, fantasy and solid colors are available. SwissCDF is used most commonly in Pakistan for Toilet cubicle partitions and counter-tops in commercial and health environments such as laboratories, Hospitals etc.

The black core makes SwissCDF the only fiberboard not requiring any sort of edging tape. As the core comes out smooth with normal saw blade cuts and a little sanding eliminates the need of those troublesome edging tapes or lamination. This futuristic fiberboard is perfect for all sorts of furniture applications.

Worldwide, many renowned consultants, furniture fabricators and contractors have turned towards SWISSCDF for cost & time efficient durability in high moisture areas, sanitized areas and furniture applications where structural strength matters the most such as:

  1. Toilet and Shower Cubicles
  2. Heavy duty kitchens
  3. Locker rooms
  4. Crockery shelves
  5. Laboratories
  6. Food storage
  7. Office partitions and work stations
  8. School Furniture
  9. Hospital wall cladding and furniture
  10. Food processing units

Under strict Swiss manufacturing guidelines, SWISS CDF has a controlled formaldehyde emission value which keeps your interior environment fresh i.e no more pungent smell as in the case of normal fiber boards.

Wooden Skirting for Laminate and Wood Floors

Perfilstar skirting is made by Perfilstar S.A. Set in the heart of industrial zone of Barcelona, the Spanish manufacturer has developed an exclusive range of skirting boards to compliment Kronoswiss Flooring range in Pakistan. Choose from the 22 decors of skirting to match your laminate floor or benefit from the wooden effect to dress your porcelain tile floors!

Branded customized skirting options are available for businesses who wish to incorporate their logos or specific themes in skirting boards. We are here to assist you with skirting customization.

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