logo_kueberitKüberit is the world leader in profile systems for interiors. Made in Germany, these aluminium based profiles for your floors. Our profiles are built to interconnect and accommodate transitions between all sorts of flooring  wood, laminate, porcelain, vinyl, carpets, marble, mosaic or cement. Kueberit profiles are available in many different metal and wood decors with customized options according to your project requirements. These maintenance free profiles are suitable for high traffic areas where wood, MDF or PVC profiles fail to perform.

Our most popular floor profile system is a unique design which addresses height differences of 0 to 18mm providing a two in one solution i.e Floor Reducer and T profile.

Laminate wooden flooring accesories

Floor profiles are available in several decors to match your wood floor grain or compliment your interiors with a slick metallic finish.

Laminate wood floor accessories colors

Two in one reducer profile controls level differences from 0 to 18mm between floors. Digital imaging makes custom decors possible.

Installation  Installation 1

Below you will see two in one reducer profile specifically used to give the necessary expansion gaps in a large laminate floor area of a renowned clothing store. This dynamic profile shape allows free customer movement while the strong aluminum material provides the required safety to the floor edges no matter how busy it gets!

Product: Kueberit profile no. 247 – Decor F6 (Bronze)

Kronoswiss Laminate wood floor profile

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of our profiles is the ability to ‘Bend’ our profiles for curved endings between floor mediums. Observe this example here.

You can see porcelain tiles and laminate wood floor separated with a curve. Kueberit EB profile is used to achieve the transition while perfectly covering the gap and highlighting the aesthetics the architect incorporated in this shop floor design.

Product: Kueberit EB profile no. 293 – F4 (Steel finish)

Laminate wood floor curved T profile

As the curves need customization according to the site being worked on, here is how can a customized curve is made with Kueberit EB profile:

Customized profile systems are available. You may Contact us to discuss your project requirements.