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The world of fibre boards has a new quality standard: SWISS CDF – Compact Density Fibre-board.

MDF is often used in the fields of structural and robust cabinetry. HDF is predominantly used in floor systems. SWISS CDF is a compactly compressed, black colored fibre board (>1,000kg/m3) exactly targeting the heart of the designer with its high density and aesthetic stimuli.

Most renowned consultants, furniture fabricators and contractors have turned towards SWISSCDF for cost & time efficient durability in high moisture areas, sanitized areas and furniture applications where structural strength matters the most such as:

  1. Toilet and Shower Cubicles
  2. Heavy duty kitchens
  3. Locker rooms
  4. Crockery shelves
  5. Laboratories
  6. Food storage
  7. Office partitions and work stations

Under strict Swiss manufacturing guidelines, SWISS CDF has a controlled formaldehyde emission value which keeps your interior environment fresh i.e no more pungent smell as in the case of normal fibre boards.

SWISS CDF is environmentally friendly:

  • Made from Swiss wood that originates from sustainably managed forests.
  • During its production, the energy sources used are 90% renewable.
  • SWISSCDF completely integrates into cascade use of the wood cycle.
  • Saves CO2 and protects the environment.
Swiss CDF Composition

Product Datasheets

Swiss CDF BrochureCDF Mechanical RecommendationSWISSCDF Product Datasheet 1SWISSCDF Product Datasheet 2

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