Kronoswiss is a world renowned wood products brand specializing in Laminate flooring and SwissCDF (Compact density fiberboard). Kronoswiss, produced by Swiss Krono AG in Menznau – Switzerland, is a leading laminate flooring and fiber board brand with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide.

Laminate floors are commonly known as wooden floors in Pakistan. The basic structure is based on 4 layers which includes the core HDF (High Density Fiber) board, a realistic wood lamination protected with a scratch resistant overlay and a balancing layer at the back. Ranging from 7mm to 14mm thicknesses, Kronoswiss produces a large variety for multiple floor applications ranging from residential to high traffic commercial environments. A team of leading designers and architects create our flooring decors according to the needs and Interior design trends every year. In Pakistan, we work closely with the design professionals to select our flooring collection that compliment the design trends of the local industry.

SwissCDF is a black core board that is designed for tough, high moisture environments. Its uses range from multiple furniture applications to Toilet cubicles. The large size (2800 x 2070mm) of our SwissCDF board allows interior designers to bring their imagination to play. We invite you to learn more about this exciting fiberboard here.

What makes Kronoswiss products so unique is the fact that it is the only laminate floor brand with a Swiss Label. Made from raw materials sourced from Swiss forest wood under strict quality standards and EPLF regulations, Kronoswiss wood products are designed to last.

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