Skirting Decor Number 0709KO

Skirting Decor Number 2025KS

Skirting Decor Number 2247KS

Skirting Decor Number 2280KS

Skirting Decor Number 2362KS

Skirting Decor Number 3127KT

Skirting Decor Number 3783KS

Skirting Decor Number 5551KO

Skirting Decor Number 5955KO

Skirting Decor Number 5964KO

Skirting Decor Number 8009KS

Skirting Decor Number 8735KO (High Gloss)

Skirting Decor Number 8735KT

Skirting Decor Number 8786KO

Skirting Decor Number 652031KS

Skirting Decor Number 652031KS 
(High Gloss)

Skirting Decor Number 1224KS

Skirting Decor Number 3030KS

Skirting Decor Number 0035NS

Digital Match

Sharp Image Resolution

Children Themes

Customized Digital Skirtings

Skirting Dimensions & Shape

Skirtings are the finishing touch to your floors. With Perfilstar Skirting boards you will get the finesse as envisioned when creating your dream space.

Perfilstar skirting boards are produced in Barcelona, Spain by Perfilstar, S.A. State of the art digital technology allows us to develop customized prints to match any flooring material including tiles, wooden floors, laminate flooring, vinyl and carpets.

We have partnered with Perfilstar to develop state of the art skirting boards in ideal size and shape designed according to the needs of interior environments in Pakistan.

European quality standards of Perfilstar skirting boards are a perfect match for Kronoswiss wood Flooring.

Skirting with company logos or customized images to accommodate interior design themes are available. Please contact your nearest skirting retailer for customized solutions.

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